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Take A Hormone Quiz – Food Might Not Be Your Enemy

How and why to discover your hormone type

If you have not been feeling yourself and have trouble shedding unwanted pounds, the answer to solve your troubles might just be knowing your unique hormone type. Understanding this will help you determine what steps you need to take in order to take control of issues preventing you from losing weight and honestly, just looking and feeling better.

It really comes down to hormones. There are a few hormone types, or categories, that we are likely to find ourselves in.

What is my metabolic and hormone type?

Remember that the types below are a starting point. There is no “one size fits all” here.

Hormone types and categories

Metabolic Mixed Signals

Here you will find that your estrogen and progesterone levels are balanced

Overloaded Hormone Metabolism

Menstrual cycle is normal, but Estrogen is running the show

Metabolism and Hormone Shortfall

This is the opposite of Overloaded Estrogen. Progesterone is in short supply

Burned-out Ovarian Metabolism

Your menstrual cycle is normal, but both Progesterone and Estrogen are deficient.

Sputter Metabolism

Perimenopause. Here you are low on Progesterone and Estrogen is up and down.

Ovarian Fatigue

In Menopause. Both Estrogen and progesterone and low.

Metabolic Hormone Quiz

Take this simple and free Metabolic Hormone Type Quiz to identify the issues most likely impacting your hormones. You will have access to a custom plan afterward emailed directly to you and access to a video, by Dr. Jade Teta (Author of Metabolic Renewal).

This quiz will give you a nice starting point to know how your metabolism is operating right now and what to do to get your hormones in check for getting on the right track to drop pounds and keep that way.

Take The Quiz Here

It’s quick, it’s easy and free.

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